Honesties children's clothing

Underwear without front and back.

It is correct no matter how you wear it.

"Great job getting dressed by yourself!"
T-shirts that make the message come true.

With a fabric that has no front or back and a special sewing technique,
You can wear it in the same way from either side without being conscious of the "back and front of the clothes".
Supporting children's feelings of "I want to change clothes by myself!"
There is no failure of changing clothes.

no front and back or front and back

Outstanding tactile sensation

The 100% cotton is soft to the touch, and the carefully selected 100% cotton fabric that Japan boasts is soft and feels like your own skin.
The sewing method is mainly used for baby clothes and wet suits,
Adopts a special 4-needle sewing machine "flat seamer" that does not damage the skin with seams.
Craftsmen carefully finish each piece, so you can wear it for a long time with peace of mind.

All HONESTIES underwear
Adopting an antibacterial processing method with "silver colloid" and "silk amino acid" with high antibacterial ability.
You can wear it comfortably all day long because it cuts off unpleasant odors from dryness and sweat.
Experiments have confirmed that it has excellent washing durability.