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As true universal design,
A service that will make you forget that there are two sides to your underwear.


Since planning HONESTIES in 2018, I have always been thinking about the possibilities of this service. For busy modern people, business people, child-rearing people, sports people, and many other people will definitely find it a convenient service. In addition, while conducting various monitoring surveys, we received an unexpected welcome from people in nursing care and medical care, and from people with disabilities.

In particular, I heard from a person with a visual impairment that in order to check the front and back of the underwear, "I touch the name tag on the underwear and it is on the inside of the left side, so I confirm that I am wearing it correctly." reality. I strongly felt that HONESTIES ∞ could fundamentally eliminate these inconveniences, and I continued to develop it.

The aim is a world where "everyone forgot that underwear had two sides". We will continue to improve our services in order to create such a future where true universal design is realized.


CEO Kiyohiko Nishide

Born in Osaka in 1979. Graduated from the University of Tokyo Graduate School in 2007. Joined Dip Co., Ltd.

Joined NSW Co., Ltd. in 2011, developed water eggplant pickles and launched the food D2C brand “Izumi Pickles”. Founded HONESTIES to revitalize the Senshu textile industry.


November 2018
Crowdfunding with unlined underwear (Furusato Choice GCF)

March 2019
Achieved the above, received a subsidy from Izumisano City to support entrepreneurs, and officially started the business

July 2019
Brand HP open. Honesty's (men's) general sales start

November 2019
Patent application (planning to apply for an international patent)

December 2019
HONESTIES ∞ (unlimited) crowdfunding started (makuake)

January 2020
(Foundation Business Contest [“Yume Yasakai” Business Plan Contest 2019])

April 2020
Established HONESTIES Co., Ltd.

May 2020
Certified as a JAPAN brand development support project (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
HONESTIES Lab opened (Nara City, Nara Prefecture)
HONESTIES Co., Ltd. capital increase (Osaka startup support fund, etc.)

February 2021
Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award
Japan Challenge Gate 2021 ~National Business Plan Contest~


Sales Manager Terumichi Ozaki

Born in Miyazaki in 1977. After graduating from Yokohama National University, joined DIP Co., Ltd. in 2005 after working at a financial-related company. Engaged in mid-career recruitment support for major companies as a manager, and received many awards. In 2021, he sympathized with Nishide's ideas and participated in HONESTIES.

Technology Development Yasunari Sakanishi

Born in Nara Prefecture in 1967. Graduated from Yasuko Ueda Fashion College. Joined Sakanishi Co., Ltd. in 1991 after planning and sewing at an apparel company. After taking office as representative director in 1996, sales increased in women's clothing, children's clothing, special sewing, etc. In 2019, I left the company with the dissolution of the company and joined HONESTIES with 50 sewing machines and the technology to sew anything.

About Us

company name HONESTIES Inc. (English company name: HONESTIES inc.)
CEO Nishiide Kiyohiko
set up April 20, 2020
capital 20 million yen
location main office
1291-1 Tsuruhara, Izumisano City, Osaka 598-0071 Phone: 072-462-8186
Tokyo Branch (within LUFU Co., Ltd.)
2093-1 Ni, Asahi City, Chiba Prefecture 289-2504 TEL: 047-961-9049
Business content Planning, development, manufacturing, sales and import/export of textile products for clothing
Transaction financial institution Osaka Shinkin Bank

1291-1 Tsuruhara, Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture

10:00-17:00 Closed on weekends and holidays

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