Make it Simple.

We live in modern times
try to make our lives simple using furniture, home appliance, and various services
For such our daily lives,
“Are there anything that apparel (company) can do?”
We thought in this way and finally we reached the answer, “underwear without front and back”.
Couples, children, those who work in the field of nursing, those who have a handicap,
Honesties continue to making 21st century clothing to give all people “living more easily” 
“We shouldn’t sabotage housework.”,“We have to balance both work and childcare perfectly.”.
Throwing off the limitation of the things that were needed in the past,
more freely, more simply.Such a time has come.

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The world’s first!
​We can wear it in seconds. The underwear without front and back.

With the fabric that has no front or back and a special sewing technique, you can wear it in the same way without being conscious of “the wear’s front and back”.  After repeated validation, we achieved a comfortable fit and lean silhouette. Couples, children, those who work in the field of nursing, those who have a handicap, we are aiming that all people live more easily.

no front and back or front and back

Outstanding touch

The carefully selected fabric is soft and comfortable, just like your own skin. We mainly adopt a special 4-needle sewing machine "flat seamer" which is used for baby clothes and wetsuits. It does not damage your skin with seams. Craftsmen carefully finish each piece, so you can wear it for a long time with peace of mind.

All Honesties’ underwear adopts an antibacterial processing method by "silver colloid" and "silk amino acid" with high antibacterial ability.
You can wear it comfortably all day long because it cuts off unpleasant odors that come from half-dried and sweat. Experiments have confirmed that it has excellent washing durability.



In March 2020, from Barcelona, Spain-based "The Design for All Foundations", it was certified as a product that contributes to improving the quality of life of all people as an excellent universal design. I received the award.

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