[Long] HONESTIES socks 720°
[Long] HONESTIES socks 720°
[Long] HONESTIES socks 720°
[Long] HONESTIES socks 720°

[Long] HONESTIES socks 720°

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[There is no front and back]
You can wear it in the same way from the back and from the front. It has a simple design and is finished without sewing, so there are no unnecessary uneven parts and you don't feel the looseness that you tend to worry about with your toes.

[No heels]
You can put your feet in as you wish without thinking about anything. The act of putting the heel down and picking it up, which is always done when wearing socks, will be zero. In addition, since the position of the "heel and toe" for socks, which has been fixed until now, changes each time you wear it, the load on the fabric is distributed and the socks last longer.

【Antibacterial and deodorant processing】
Speaking of socks, what worries me is the smell after wearing them! HONESTIES uses an antibacterial treatment that is processed at the [cotton stage] before making yarn. This prevents the effect from decreasing due to washing, etc., and can be expected to have a long-lasting antibacterial and deodorizing effect.

■ Contents / HONESTIES socks 720° [long]
■ Quantity / 1
■ Color / black or dark blue 
■ Length type / long or short
■ Size / [Unisex] Each S, M, L 
■ Made in Japan / made in Japan
■ 50% cotton, 50% acrylic, antibacterial and deodorizing

※Size indication [unisex]

■ Product / HONESTIES 1 piece of underwear
■ Made in Japan / made in Japan
■ 100% cotton
■ Antibacterial and deodorant processing

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